The Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education

CAJE 33 Performers!

Posted by melbray on July 11, 2008

As if you needed yet another reason to come to Vermont this summer, here’s a list of CAJE 33 performers.

(Are you a performer? Add your website as a comment so people can learn more about you!)


15 Responses to “CAJE 33 Performers!”

  1. Arnie Davidson. Contemporary New Shabbat Worship Music that will be with you all week.

    Fresh sounds to revitalize and energize your congregation.

    Free mp3 download – Listen! Enjoy! Use this in your community!

  2. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this community, and am really looking forward to sharing a musical CAJE journey. I’ve recently posted some new songs on YouTube, and I’d love it if you would check them out. Just go to and search Batya Diamond. See you in Vermont!

  3. Rahel said

    Shalom U’vracha!

    Thank you for including me on the list of performers. I am looking forward to being part of the entertainment again this year. Last year I was part of the CAJE IDOL (now RISING STAR) event. I look foward to being involved in many more musical events this year. I am also giving two workshops (Monday – Rise Up Singing: Holiday songs AND Tuesday – Tools of the Trade – Making Learning come alive). I hope you will come to my workshops!

    To learn more about my music and hear songs:

    L’hit b’karov,


  4. I am looking forward to attending my 18th CAJE and to have the opportunity to share some of my music, including songs on my CDs “Two are Better Than One” and “A New Beginning” which are notated in “One Light Above: The Larry Karol Songbook,” as well as new songs that bring to light themes from Psalms and prayers. I am also hoping to hear many of the artists who will be performing and to join in a kumsitz or two over the course of the conference. See you there!
    Larry Karol
    (Rabbi, Temple Israel, Dover, New Hampshire)

  5. Kathy Gohr said

    I’m thrilled to be a last minute addition to the performer’s roster. Look for me on Monday afternoon at the cafe!!
    Kathy Gohr

  6. Joe Black said

    I am so excited to be back at CAJE – especially since I get to perform with Beth Schaefer on Monday Night!!!

    See you there!



  7. Fran Avni said

    Lucky me! I get to see all my old pals -sing and host an Israeli cafe which will end up being a harmony fest (Monday 10-11 pm,) hopefully joined by the amazing Adrian Durlester, and percussionist Roger Smith, once again perform our wonderful WOMEN WEAVING WORDS program with Peninnah Schram and Cheries Karo Schwartz (Tuesday 10 – 11 pm) accompanied by Barb Stambler and my workshop on HA-MANGINA NISHERET – Creating Community in a joyous Instant Chorus. Bring your voices, (bodies) and percussion instruments for rhythms and harmonies galore Wednesday afternoon 4:15 – 5:30

  8. Woo-hoo! Steve Brodsky, Robbi Sherwin & Scott Leader, aka Sababa! can’t wait to come back to CAJE! We are a late addition – so check us out Tuesday night!!

  9. Please add my website to your list.

  10. Roger A Smith said

    Looking forward to seeing and playing with my chaverim! (And maybe some normal summer temperatures!)

  11. Rahel said

    Award-winning singer-songwriter-educator, RAHEL, is debuting TWO new CD’s this year at CAJE!

    1. Your Child Needs Music (Hebrew-English version) is a great resource for Jewish educators and simply a fun way to introduce your students or young children to the Hebrew language. This fabulous CD includes a total of 36 (!) songs (half English with their “sister” songs in Hebrew) together with lyrics in Hebrew, English and Transliteration. Look for it at the CAJE shuk and be sure to attend Rahel’s workshops at CAJE to learn how to use these songs in your classes. Anyone interested in expanding their repertoire of Hebrew and English children’s songs and rhymes can then add the following CD’s to their collection (also available at CAJE):
    1. Your Child Needs Music – 66 songs in hebrew
    2. Listen Like Learn with Mother Goose on the Loose: 121 Songs in English

    2. New Jewish Music: Be sure to stop by award-winning singer-songwriter, RAHEL’s table at the CAJE shuk this year to pick up your own copy of this limited edition “single” CD release of: “Oseh Shalom” and “Hinay Ma Tov” featuring the amazing guitar work of renowned guitarist-songwriter, RebbeSoul (aka Bruce Burger)! Debuting at CAJE for the first time ever, these new releases will inspire educators and listeners to get up and sing, dance and move to the beat of new contemporary Jewish music written by our own amazingly talented contemporary Jewish artists! Be sure to attend RAHEL’s workshops to find out how to make your students come alive with NEW JEWISH MUSIC!

  12. Two guitars, two voices, two friends (and some guests as well) sharing the stage Monday night. Thanks for coming out to listen and sing along with me and Rabbi Joe Black.

    Kol tuv,

  13. Yom Hadash is really excited to be back at CAJE following a two year hiatus.
    Please come and see our 5-piece band at Brennan’s Pub on Tuesday night @ 8:45.
    We’ll be giving out free “3 song” demo CDs with some songs from our upcoming
    September release “A New Day”… Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

  14. Thrilled to be a part of CAJE again, “competing” with Leno and Letterman in the 11:00-midnight slot Tuesday at Brennan’s Pub! And as a Vermonter (I live on the side of a mountain in East Dorset, SW part of this sensational state, birthplace of AA founder Bill W.) I’m pleased to welcome all you flatlanders.

    My CAJE show coincides with the release of my new DVD, the best part of which is an interview segment in which my dog demonstrates how he knows the difference between kosher and trayf. Totally adorable. Was going to bring him up to UVM, but he prefers to stay at home making sure our cats don’t lick his toys. You can see his act on YouTube. Just search “Bob Alper” and a few clips, including Barney, will come up.

    See you Tuesday.

  15. I’m looking forward to telling something funky at the late night session of storytelling (Monday at a ghastly hour up in the fireplace lounge on the 4th floor).

    I wanted to let the CAJErs know about the complimentary subscription my publisher is offering to my latest serialized novel, “The Council of Wise Women.”

    You get a new installment via email every Friday morning.

    Signup at

    And come by my presentation on “Getting their Attention” on Wednesday at 10:15 — NOTE: It will be SHORTER than the listed 3 hours.

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