The Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education

Some Preliminary CAJE 33 Highlights

Posted by Joel H. on August 15, 2008

It’s impossible to summarize CAJE 33 in a few pages, let alone a few lines. Still, here are just a handful of my personal CAJE 33 highlights. In loose chronological order:

  • Ellen Dreskin’s Friday night service.
  • Richard Freund’s Shabbat sessions.
  • Tisha B’av kinot.
  • Bicycling on the Lake Champlain causeway.
  • Storahtelling‘s opening.
  • Monday’s Roundtable Fishbowl.
  • Macy Hart‘s keynote.
  • Drinking cups made from corn.
  • Manny Gold’s keynote.
  • Dynamic conversations over lunch.
  • My father Larry Hoffman‘s plenary session
  • The beautiful UVM campus.
  • Ed Feinstein‘s stories.
  • Doug Mishkin‘s music.
  • The wonderful UVM staff.
  • Doug Cotler‘s stellar closing program.

What were your favorites?


6 Responses to “Some Preliminary CAJE 33 Highlights”

  1. Cathy Winick said

    My second email is

    Great conference!!! Thank you.

    How do I access the attendees list and information?
    Thank you,

  2. Vicky Gilpin said

    The conference was amazing. I loved so many elements of it, but 1500 Jews singing Am Yisrael Chai was amazing. Thank you for a great experience (and thanks to the wonderful staff members of UVM).

  3. Jonathan Goldman said

    Guy Mendilow!

  4. Mindy Schreff said

    The conference was amazing! I could not single out one favorite moment, there were so many! Thank you for all the hard work exerted in putting such a great week together!

    In terms of continuing the “greening” of CAJE, I am dismayed at the fact that I am receiving written material from organizations that received my name from CAJE. I don;t remember giving permission to have CAJE share my name!

  5. Jonathan Goldman said

    I agree. Lots of email spam too. This is really not right.

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