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Posted by jefflasday on February 9, 2009

We very much regret to inform you that CAJE will close its doors at the end of February. This may be a shocking statement, but it is part and parcel of today’s excruciatingly difficult economic environment. The mind-boggling part for CAJE is that we have just held one of our most successful conferences. CAJE 33 was well attended and inspiring. But even after accounting for the revenue from CAJE 33, the combination of past debt and the fragile economy forced us to take the unprecedented and painful step of canceling CAJE 34, then letting most of our staff go and preparing to close our doors. We still have huge debts to pay, including money owed to the University of Vermont, and we don’t feel right about ending our service to the Jewish people without first making an effort to pay back what we can.

Help us keep the honor and dignity we have earned by participating in the CAJE Legacy Campaign.

For many of you, CAJE has been a valued asset and a faithful friend. When you’ve called on us, we’ve responded with programs and conferences that have brought significant improvements to Jewish education. Now we are calling on you. Help us pay as much of our debt as possible so that we can close our doors with honor and dignity. We will achieve this goal if each CAJE member and supporter contributes $250. But any gift would be deeply appreciated, and all gifts of $100 or more will be recognized on the CAJE website.

Time is short for CAJE to pay its debts and your response is urgently needed. All donations must reach the CAJE office by February 27th.

Here’s how to contribute your tax-deductible gift to CAJE:

  • Make your online contribution to the CAJE Legacy Campaign by going to and clicking on the Donate to CAJE button.
  • Send your check to the CAJE Legacy Campaign with a check made out to CAJE at 520 8th Avenue, Second Floor, North Tower, New
    York, NY 10018.
  • Go to CAJENet at and enter your donation at the top of the home page.

Please do whatever you can to protect CAJE’s legacy as the organization that has served Jewish educators for more than 30 years.
We know that many of you will want to gain a deeper understanding of the financial difficulties facing CAJE, and learn what CAJE is doing to assure the continuation of our mission even as the current organization ends its activities. Please click here to read about how this financial situation happened to CAJE, the recent actions that CAJE leadership undertook to maintain the organization, and the next steps CAJE is working on with JESNA to assure the continued support of Jewish educators.

We also encourage you to participate in the ongoing conversation on CAJEnet:

Thank you for being a part of CAJE.

With great appreciation for your support,

Iris Koller

Jeffrey Lasday
Executive Director


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