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CAJE 33 – One Year Out

Posted by Joel H. on August 12, 2009

As we look back on the past year, we wanted to offer a note with a few thoughts about CAJE and some updates we think you’ll be interested in.

  Joel M. Hoffman, PhD & Mel Birger-Bray

Where Are They Now?

David Frank
Abby Eisenberg
Joel Hoffman
Mel Birger-Bray
Mary Lou Allen
Jeff Lasday
Yoram Schwell
What about you?

David Frank

David FrankDavid Frank has returned to his artistic roots to work as a photographer — Did you know that he used to teach photography? — and his work has been accepted into several prestigious shows. His web site showcases some of his stunning shots. Take a look! (And why not buy a print or two? We [Joel and Mel] wouldn’t be surprised to see them in museums in a few years.)

Abby Eisenberg

Abby Eisenberg

Abby Eisenberg is working at the Jewish Theological Seminary as Admissions Director of the Graduate School and the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education.

Joel Hoffman

Joel HoffmanJoel Hoffman continues to write, to teach, and to consult to Hebrew Schools. His latest book, And God Said: How Translations Conceal the Bible’s Original Meaning, comes out in a few months from St. Martin’s Press, and his lecture circuit will bring him across the country again this year. He’s also started two blogs: a general blog and a blog on Bible translation.

Mel Briger-Bray

Mel Birger-BrayMel Birger-Bray is still working at the American Technion Society and has remained deeply involved with Jewish education. She continues to teach at Congregation Or Ami and serves on the board of Congregation Beth Ahavah.

Mary Lou Allen

Mary Lou AllenMary Lou Allen has put her expertise to work as a consultant, working on various high-level Federation projects, as well as with the State of New Jersey.

Jeff Lasday

Jeff LasdayJeff Lasday is working as Director of Education at PELIE (“Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative Education”), one of JESNA‘s parner organizations.

Yoram Schwell

Yoram SchwellYoram Schwell has moved to Israel, where he is working as an independent consultant.

Where Are You?

The CAJE community wants to know what you’re up to. Post an update on CAJEnet!

One Year Out

We can hardly believe that it’s been a whole year since we gathered together in Vermont: Storahtelling‘s brilliant opening, the keynotes, Rabbis Larry Hoffman and Ed Feinstein, the Roundtable Fishbowl, Doug Cotler‘s amazing finale… and so much more. It was a thrill and an honor for us to be involved with such an event.

Nor can we believe that we’re not in Texas now. Who would have thought the year would play out this way?

Still, we are thrilled to see that CAJE 33 – like the 32 conferences before it – had such a widespread impact. And we are heartened to see that groups like MANAJE are continuing to bring enrichment to Jewish educators. CAJEnet and other on-line locations have taken on new roles as e-meeting places for new and old CAJE members. (And the CAJE 33 website has photos from CAJE 33, and even some videos, courtesy of Yair Gil.)

There’s a lot happening around the country, both formally and informally. So we’re convinced that the future holds great things for Jewish education.



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2 days till CAJE 33

Posted by melbray on August 6, 2008

Wow. CAJE 33 is almost here and tomorrow some people attending our Shabbat preconference will arrive. I’ve been here 2 days already and the weather is wonderful, the view is spectacular and the people are welcoming. We are working hard to make sure this will be an amazing conference for each of you.

I look forward to meeting you all.

נסיעה טובה

מל Mel

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Who we are!

Posted by melbray on April 24, 2008

By Mel Birger-Bray

With over 700 people 1,400 people representing almost 40 U.S. states and 4 continents already registered for CAJE 33, I want to add my voice to those who are eagerly anticipating a wonderful CAJE conference this August.

I’m particularly excited to be Co-Chairing CAJE 33 this year. One of the things Im focusing on is a new track called “Who we are”, designed to focus our collective attention on the growing diversity in our schools and shuls. Dr. Richard Freund, one of our Shabbat scholars, will play a load role in the “Who we are” track, teaching, for example, about the Jews of Latin America. Edward (Buzz) Bray will offer advice on sensitizing teachers to interfaith families and a converts’ path to Judaism.

As a Gay Jew who has not always felt included, I know what important roles teachers can play in fostering diversity and educating our communities.

Whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, I’m looking forward to welcoming you to CAJE 33.

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